Thai Deputy PM Calls on Tougher Enforcement on Illegal E-cigs

Entering Thailand carrying e-cigs will face fines and imprisonment.

Article by Vincent Yi

Edited by Ellesmere Zhu


On February 19th, Anutin Charnvirakul, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health of Thailand, as well as the Chairman of the Health Promotion Fund Committee, ordered relevant departments to pay attention to the regulation of electronic cigarettes during the meeting of the No. 2/2023 committee. He stated at the meeting that he would coordinate with the police and customs departments to arrest smugglers of smuggled electronic cigarettes in order to maintain regulation of electronic cigarettes. No department is allowed to take any action that would facilitate the introduction of electronic cigarettes into Thailand.


Anutin has discussed the issue of electronic cigarettes with two medical industry professionals, and they both believe that electronic cigarettes can be harmful to health. 

Especially for young smokers, they have a risk of addiction. Many people believe that electronic cigarettes are less toxic than cigarettes. However, the fact is that the toxicity of electronic cigarettes is not as weak as smokers think.

He is firmly against anything addictive that could cause harm to people's health in the market.


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On February 14th, the Chinese embassy in Thailand issued a reminder that each tourist is only allowed to bring in one carton of cigarettes (200 cigarettes or 250 grams of tobacco) and one bottle of alcohol (not exceeding 1 liter) in accordance with Thai laws and regulations. 

Also note that it is not allowed to place the cigarettes and alcohol of multiple people into one person's luggage, or to entrust them to one person in the airport area, as this will be regarded as excess carry-on and a fine will be imposed. Please comply with the regulations regarding electronic cigarettes and do not carry or use electronic cigarettes or related products. Violators will be subject to imprisonment or fines.

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