HQD Sees Opportunity in Spain

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HQD Sees Opportunity in Spain
According to Aleksejs, the Spanish electronic cigarette market holds tremendous potential as it currently lacks a definitive market leader. Therefore, every brand has the opportunity take the top spots, and HQD is positioning itself to become the top player in the Spanish market.

On June 3rd, at 10:00 AM local time in Madrid (16:00 Beijing time), the Vapexpo Spain, a renowned electronic cigarette exhibition, officially opened at the Pabellón de Cristal in Madrid, Spain.


At the exhibition, 2FIRSTS interviewed the Spanish distributor of the electronic cigarette brand HQD. Aleksejs, the CEO of the distributor, stated that they chose to represent HQD because it is a leading brand in markets such as Russia and the United States showing great foundations. According to Aleksejs, the best-selling product of HQD in Spain is the Super Pro.


HQD Sees Opportunity in Spain


Aleksejs believes that the Spanish electronic cigarette market has tremendous potential with no absolute market leader, allowing every brand the opportunity to take a piece of the pie. He expressed the potential for HQD to take the first spot in Spain as it is the top selling brands with Russia, Latvia, and Ukraine. 


Among all the products they represent, sales of zero-nicotine products account for 25% to 30%. Further interviews conducted by 2FIRSTS with other brand merchants revealed that zero-nicotine products are popular in Spain due to regulations set by the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) of the European Union, which only allowed the sale of zero-nicotine products before obtaining certification. Additionally, consumers, for various reasons including health concerns, are willing to purchase zero-nicotine products.


Aleksejs also mentioned that the Spanish government may include electronic cigarettes into the tobacco regulation system and impose taxes on them after 2023. If there is new revenue from e-cigarettes taxes there is hope that the government will not restrict the sale points of e-cigarettes to tobacco shops and prohibit online sales. No matter the situation they are poised for the risk by focusing on tobacco distibution channels.


2FIRSTS will continue to report on the latest updates from the exhibition. Stay tuned for more information.



On May 15th, 2FIRSTS and VAPEXPO SPAIN announced their media partnership, aiming to promote the development and communication of the global electronic cigarette industry.


As the largest and most significant vapor industry exhibition in Spain, Vapexpo Spain brings together electronic cigarette manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and industry experts from around the world. Meanwhile, 2FIRSTS, as a global vapor technology media and think tank, focuses on market trends and development issues in the global aerosol field. They are committed to facilitating information exchange within the global electronic cigarette industry and using their media influence to support the development of the aerosol industry worldwide.