Italy's New Office to Reduce Tax on E-cigs


Italy's new Meloni government that came to office has written a reduction in excise taxes on e-cigarette liquids directly into the budget law. In fact, as of January 2023, the e-cigarette liquid tax will double as a result of the budget law passed by the previous Conte government. For the layman, all liquids intended for inhalation, or any liquid with or without nicotine suitable for use in e-cigarettes, are subject to the same state monopoly as traditional cigarettes and are therefore subject to the appropriate excise tax.


In short, apparently starting in January, the price of e-cigarette liquids will remain the same. This will allow hundreds of thousands of Italian e-cigarette users to continue to stay away from the smoking habit at a very low monthly expense. In fact, e-cigarettes have now become an effective way to quit smoking. Thanks to the new budget law, there will not be the biggest increase (to be precise, the tax levied on each bottle will double) and the final decision will now be made by the state accounting department, but the forecast is not only positive, it seems that all covers. In short, this is good news for the players in the e-cigarette supply chain, from e-cigarette oil manufacturers to retailers and end consumers, who can all breathe a sigh of relief. For some time now, e-cigarette oil retailers and manufacturers have expected similar news. Having a "fixed" tax that doesn't increase every year allows you to expand your production, distribution and sales network, increase employment opportunities and provide an effective tool to combat traditional smoking for a growing number of people.

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