22nd Century Group Launches FDA-Approved Low Nicotine Cigarette

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22nd Century Group Launches FDA-Approved Low Nicotine Cigarette
22nd Century Group, a biotech firm, announces the launch of its VLN low-nicotine cigarettes in over 1,200 pharmacies across five US states.

On September 12th, bio-cigarette technology company 22nd Century Group released a statement announcing that its VLN low-nicotine cigarettes are now available for sale in over 1,200 pharmacies across Texas, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, and Georgia.


According to sources, VLN is the first and only combustible cigarette to be authorized by the FDA and labeled as a reduced harm tobacco product.


John Miller, interim CEO of 22nd Century Group, stated in a declaration that VLN offers a clinically researched novel solution that can assist adult smokers in reducing their smoking habits and mitigating the associated risks brought about by smoking over time.


According to Miller, although most over-the-counter methods for quitting smoking or reducing tobacco consumption are widely unpopular, over 75% of VLN users have stated their satisfaction with the product's experience. After using VLN, 80% of adult consumers have claimed a decrease in their usage of traditional tobacco brands.


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