Addressing Environmental Impact of Disposables in the UK

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Addressing Environmental Impact of Disposables in the UK
UKVIA responds to Material Focus study on the environmental impact of disposable e-cigarettes, leading efforts for a solution.

According to a report from Planet of the Vapes on September 15, the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) has responded to a study conducted by Material Focus on the significant environmental damage caused by disposable e-cigarettes. The UKVIA aims to take the lead in bringing together key stakeholders in the entire e-cigarette waste chain to collectively develop solutions.


A study conducted by Material Focus has found that the number of discarded disposable e-cigarettes has skyrocketed from 1.3 million per week to almost 5 million. The research results indicate that the potential cost of collecting and recycling these e-cigarettes amounts to a staggering £200 million annually, which is currently being borne by taxpayers.


The sales of disposable e-cigarettes have surged to over 30 million per month, and these figures only represent legal adult sales. Only 17% of e-cigarette users admit to recycling their used products, leaving an estimated 3 million used e-cigarettes piling up in cabinets with consumers unsure of how to dispose of them. Additionally, 73% of e-cigarette users confess to simply throwing away their used devices, while 1% admit to flushing them down the toilet.


Material Focus suggests that a comprehensive solution is required to address this issue, which includes the e-cigarette industry taking immediate significant voluntary actions to recycle and reuse their products. Material Focus also suggests that the industry needs to take additional measures to enhance public awareness about recycling concerns.


The UK e-cigarette industry association responded by stating, "We have always acknowledged the environmental challenges posed by disposable e-cigarettes, and we have taken the lead in bringing together key stakeholders across the entire e-cigarette waste chain to collectively develop solutions aimed at reducing their environmental impact.


The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) has welcomed the solutions presented by Material Focus and is leading industry action in these areas and more. Educating consumers on how to properly recycle disposable e-cigarettes, innovating products to increase recycling rates, complying with current regulations, and investing in waste collection points at usage locations (not just sales points) are crucial in minimizing the impact of disposable e-cigarettes on the environment.


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