Cabbacis LLC Gets EU Patent for Vape with Hemp

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Cabbacis LLC Gets EU Patent for Vape with Hemp
Cabbacis claims to lead the market in safer tobacco alternatives.

Cabbacis LLC, a tobacco product manufacturer and biotech company, has received a patent from the European Patent Office (EPO) for vaporizer pods used with oral electronic vaporizers. The patent, which includes 9 claims, expires in 2040 and covers vaporizer pods made from blends of very-low-nicotine tobacco and hemp. The company's patented pods and very-low-nicotine cigarettes are designed to help smokers of conventional cigarettes reduce their intake, transition to less harmful products, or quit nicotine altogether.


According to Joseph Pandolfino, the Founder and President of Cabbacis, the majority of the world's 1.1 billion cigarette smokers want to smoke less, quit, or switch to safer alternatives. Very-low-nicotine tobacco products can serve as a bridge to a healthier lifestyle. These products, which have been evaluated in numerous clinical studies, contain about 95 percent less nicotine than regular cigarettes. The studies have shown that smokers of very-low-nicotine cigarettes smoke fewer cigarettes per day, have reduced nicotine dependence and exposure, make more quit attempts, and have more smoke-free days.


Pandolfino also mentioned that the addition of hemp flower to low-nicotine tobacco improves the taste of the products and is expected to enhance their effectiveness due to the presence of non-THC cannabinoids. Cabbacis is growing commercially a flue-cured tobacco this year that is expected to have a reduced-nicotine content of approximately 95 percent compared to conventional tobacco. This allows the company to have more flexibility in product development and commercialization.


The issuance of the patent means Cabbacis now has patented products in key tobacco markets including the United States, Europe, and China. The company aims to provide smokers with safer alternatives and help them make the transition to a healthier lifestyle. With the growing demand for harm reduction products, Cabbacis is well-positioned to lead the market in this area.



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