Scotland GP Member Call for Stop Minor Targeted Vape Selling

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Scotland GP Member Call for Stop Minor Targeted Vape Selling
Scotland Green Party member Gillian Mackay called for a ban on e-cigarette sales to minors due to health and environmental concerns.

Recently, Gillian Mackay, a member of the Scottish Green Party, published an article on the official website of the party. In the article, she called on the government to take decisive action and cease the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, as the new school term approaches.


Increasing usage rate The usage rate continues to rise.


McKay stated in the article that there is increasing evidence to suggest that underage children are using disposable e-cigarettes, which should sound the alarm for retailers.


In recent weeks, a joint effort by the UK Trading Standards Agency and reporters has uncovered a disturbing trend where vendors are directly selling tobacco products to children who have not yet reached the legal age limit. Moreover, these vendors facilitate the purchase of tobacco products beyond the legal age limit for these underage individuals.


According to a study published in the British medical journal "Thorax," a four-year study conducted in the United States has found that e-cigarette use, even when combined with smoking, can increase the risk of young people developing bronchitis and shortness of breath. The research, which included over 2,000 participants with an average age of 17, revealed that 81% of individuals experienced wheezing symptoms, with a likelihood of developing bronchitis doubled compared to non-users. Additionally, there was a 78% increase in the likelihood of experiencing asthma symptoms.


According to the report, over one million disposable e-cigarettes are being discarded every week, leading to an escalating environmental impact.


Call for a total ban on e-cigarettes.


McKay praised the courageous work of journalists and trade standard investigators for uncovering the impact of the e-cigarette market on teenagers. He further stated that there is evidence regarding potential health effects and clear environmental damage.


Now we are witnessing an increasingly grave situation of illegal sales of these products, coupled with a growing prevalence of misuse.


She believes that only a comprehensive ban on e-cigarettes (except for medical prescription purposes) can solve this issue, which is exactly what the Scottish Green Party has been advocating for.


As the start of the school season approaches, she is concerned that many young people may be lured by smooth marketing strategies and a wide range of flavors.


In order to truly protect our children from the impending health crisis, it is only by removing e-cigarettes from our sight that we can truly appreciate their efforts in doing the right thing.


Mackay, a member of the Scottish Green Party and a member of the Scottish Parliament, has not only sent a letter to large retailers, but also urged them to take action.


Now, I urge all businesses to take the right action after schools reopen, to stay away from our young people, to stay away from these potentially life-altering products.


According to reports, the Scottish Green Party is a political faction with a focus on environmental conservation and progress. Their main concerns lie in safeguarding the environment, promoting sustainable development, ensuring social justice, and advocating for a fairer society. They emphasize the integration of environmental issues into the political agenda and call for the adoption of sustainable policies and actions to protect the interests of the planet and future generations.


In December 2022, Mckay has proposed that retailers treat e-cigarettes as tobacco products and "conceal" them from shelves.


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