Joe Biden's Proposal to Ban Menthol Cigarettes Sparks Debate in US

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Joe Biden's Proposal to Ban Menthol Cigarettes Sparks Debate in US
US President Joe Biden's proposal to ban menthol cigarettes is sparking controversy, with Congressman Dean Phillips calling it "absurd".

According to a report from the Daily Mail, there is a heated discussion surrounding the proposal put forth by US President Joe Biden to ban flavored cigarettes, specifically menthol ones. During a radio interview, Congressman Dean Phillips expressed his view on the proposal, deeming it "absurd.


Joe Biden's controversial proposition to ban menthol cigarettes raises questions regarding personal freedom and health advocacy. He argues for the prohibition of certain flavors in tobacco products to deter youth smoking. However, there is dissent among critics like Phillips who have reservations about this proposal.


Freedom and rights mean everything to me," he declared during an interview on Drew Kline's radio show in New Hampshire. "I am particularly concerned about the government telling citizens what they can or cannot do, especially when it does not harm other American citizens." He further added, "I think it is absurd to ban certain flavors of cigarettes.


A recent opinion poll suggests that Joe Biden's proposal to ban menthol cigarettes could potentially have "unexpected consequences" for him in the 2024 elections. Experts argue that this could alienate his traditional voter base and even potentially drive more voters to support Republicans in the upcoming November next year.


In addition, a survey conducted by Nuestro PAC has found that black and Latino voters are concerned that the ban could "drive products into the illegal black market." Recently, Reverend Al Sharpton has also called on the government to withdraw its proposed ban.


Finally, at the same time, the Biden administration's decision to seek the legalization of marijuana while pushing for a ban on menthol cigarettes has also faced scrutiny. Currently, there are plans to quietly downgrade marijuana laws before the 2024 elections, despite referring to marijuana as a "gateway drug" in his 2019 remarks.


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