Deepening International Cooperation for High-Quality Development — First Sino-Russian E-cigarette Industry Exchange Successfully Held

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On May 15th, the first Sino-Russian E-cigarette Industry Exchange was held in Moscow. The meeting was convened against the backdrop of legal regulation and compliant development of the e-cigarette industry in both countries. The aim is to strengthen industry collaboration and exchange, promoting high-quality development of bilateral trade and industry.


The meeting received strong support from both Chinese and Russian sides. Sergey Katasonov, Co-Chairman of the Expert Committee on Nicotine Product Circulation of the Russian State Duma, attended the meeting as a special guest. NICTON, one of the largest nicotine product distributors in Russia, attended as the representative of Russian enterprises. The Chinese representatives included: Shenzhen Zinwi Bio-tech Co., Ltd., SMISS Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen YOOZ Technology Co., Ltd., JustFog Limited, among others. The meeting was co-hosted by Shenzhen 2FIRSTS Technology Co., Ltd. and the Russian Nicotine Alliance.



Deepening International Cooperation for High-Quality Development — First Sino-Russian E-cigarette Industry Exchange Successfully Held
Sino-Russian E-cigarette Industry Exchange Meeting Scene | 2FIRSTS 


The meeting was first addressed by Andrey Loskutov, the Chairman of the Russian Nicotine Alliance, and Alan Zhao, the CEO of Shenzhen 2FIRSTS Technology Co., Ltd. Both chairs introduced the background and process of the meeting preparation, which took half a year and was held successfully with the support of all parties from both countries.


Sergey Katasonov expressed recognition and gratitude for the meeting, stressing the necessity and urgency of increased exchange in the compliant development field of the Russian industry. He presented the current state and progress of e-cigarette regulation legislation in Russia, and explained the logic and direction of Russia's e-cigarette regulation through a review of the history of nicotine product regulation in Russia. He also provided a detailed explanation of the "Manufacturing and Trade Licensing System" and "Flavor Additive Ban", policies of concern to the Sino-Russian industry.


Russian business representatives shared the situation of the Russian e-cigarette market, emphasizing that Russia's new regulatory policies will bring profound changes to the market, offering new opportunities for compliant enterprises in both countries to further develop and cooperate.


The Chinese enterprises attending the meeting represent various fields such as manufacturing, e-liquid, branding, and equipment, and are typical representatives of "Made in China" and "Chinese Brands" in the e-cigarette field. The Chinese representatives shared China's e-cigarette supply chain advantages, their own strengths and business operations in Russia, and proposed suggestions and expectations for future e-cigarette regulation policies in Russia. Chinese companies expressed optimism for the long-term future of e-cigarette regulatory development in Russia.


Both sides had a friendly and enthusiastic discussion about industry cooperation. Attendees agreed that the successful meeting heralded the beginning of in-depth exchange and cooperation between the Sino-Russian e-cigarette industry. China is the center of the global e-cigarette supply chain, and Russia is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets worldwide. Deeper exchange and cooperation between the two industries will further support the development of compliant enterprises in both countries, promote the upgrade of the two industries, and further deepen high-quality bilateral trade development. All parties stated that they will strive to facilitate higher-level exchange and cooperation between the Sino-Russian e-cigarette industries in the future.


During the meeting, Echo Guo, the co-founder and COO of 2FIRSTS, presented Sergey Katasonov with the Monthly Global E-cigarette Regulation Report (Russian) produced by 2FIRSTS. This report covers the regulatory situation, policy trends, and industry trends of the major global e-cigarette markets, and received high praise from Sergey Katasonov.

Deepening International Cooperation for High-Quality Development — First Sino-Russian E-cigarette Industry Exchange Successfully Held
Echo Guo and Sergey Katasonov | 2FIRSTS



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