Electronic cigarettes banned for minors on Isle of Man

Electronic cigarettes banned for minors on Isle of Man
Police on the Isle of Man can seize e-cigarette devices and products from those under 18, with stronger sales restrictions proposed.

Police in the British territory of the Isle of Man have the authority to confiscate electronic cigarette devices and products from individuals under the age of 18.

The proposed Electronic Cigarette Products Bill will prohibit the sale of electronic cigarette products to minors and restrict the display of these products in stores. The legislation being considered on the Isle of Man would align with current laws in the United Kingdom. (Note: The Isle of Man is a crown dependency of the British Isles and technically not part of the United Kingdom.)

Kate Lord-Brennan, the Cabinet Office Minister of the Isle of Man, has said that this is in response to the "growing concerns" about electronic cigarettes for children.

According to a briefing document, although there is no specific data for the Isle of Man, its figures for e-cigarette use may be comparable to those in the UK, where 7% of 11 to 17-year-olds use e-cigarette products.

According to these proposals, electronic cigarette products must be kept in locked cabinets to prevent them from being stolen or smuggled.

Sales from vending machines will also be prohibited. The sale of products that do not meet the current safety standards in battery size, charging, and temperature in the UK will also be banned.

The Fair Trade Office in the Isle of Man will be responsible for monitoring standards and the police will have the power to deal with adults who purchase electronic cigarette products on behalf of children.

Previously, the Keyhouse expressed concern over a lack of legislation to manage these products. Lady Lord-Brennan of the organization stated, "Given the evidence and increasing concern among young people about e-cigarettes, action must be taken quickly to implement these control measures.

According to a consultation document, the Isle of Man Public Health Authority will collaborate with retailers to develop further voluntary controls on sales, including advertising methods. The document also suggests that a more comprehensive public health regulation may be considered as a means of further controlling electronic cigarette products.

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