ELFBAR Image Undermined By Fake Factories

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ELFBAR Image Undermined By Fake Factories
Video exposes workers testing fake e-cigarettes in factory; ELFBAR denies any affiliation with the depicted facility.

According to a report by the Daily Mail on August 5, a video clip reveals the dangers of counterfeit e-cigarettes by showing workers testing them inside a factory. ELFBAR stated that the factory in the video "does not belong to ELFBAR and has no association with ELFBAR whatsoever."


The video, taken last year, has rapidly circulated in recent months, showcasing male workers "testing" dozens of products before counterfeit disposable ELFBAR products are packaged.


ELFBAR Image Undermined By Fake Factories


An ELFBAR spokesperson told the Daily Mail:


"ELFBAR prides itself on providing quality products to global users. However, some unethical manufacturers are producing and selling counterfeit e-cigarettes for their own benefit, posing threats to the industry's reputation and user safety.


To further address this issue, ELFBAR has long been combatting illegal e-cigarettes by creating intelligence profiles to track counterfeit products, updated weekly.


"Additionally, through a unique security code, users can verify the authenticity of products on our official global website."


The spokesperson also mentioned that the pirate factory was soon shut down after letters were sent by ELFBAR's attorneys.


In November of the previous year, ELFBAR CEO Victor Shaw said:


"If consumers were to see the conditions under which these products are manufactured, they'd rightfully be appalled. The criminals behind these counterfeit products don’t care about product safety or consumer health; they do everything possible to maximize profits."


This video led ELFBAR to share images and videos of how their official factory operates.


ELFBAR Image Undermined By Fake Factories
ELFBAR Official Factory | ELFBAR


The footage displays a clean factory where workers wear white protective clothing and gloves. E-cigarettes are tested using machinery.


Newly assembled products are placed into a suction device that pulls on them for about a second to ensure they function properly.

ELFBAR claims on its website that it launched an anti-counterfeiting operation in June 2021 to locate and shut down pirate factories.


In a statement, ELFBAR said:


"The criminals manufacturing these counterfeit products take no responsibility for product or consumer safety, doing everything possible to maximize profits. We will not stand idly by as counterfeit products flourish, tarnishing the reputation of legitimate manufacturers and posing significant risks to consumer safety."

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