ELFBAR sets Target of 2 Million Pieces in Korean Market

The sole agent of ELFBAR in South Korea announced that it would cooperate with a digital marketing company to develop the Korean market, with a target of selling 2 million pieces of ELFBAR products this year.
ELFBAR sets Target of 2 Million Pieces in Korean Market


On February 22, Sethopia, the sole agent of ELFBAR in South Korea, announced a partnership with digital marketing company Marand to sell ELFBAR disposable electronic cigarette products online. The purpose of this cooperation is to quickly establish the position of the ELFBAR brand in the Korean market and expand market demand.


Currently, ELFBAR's main product series, "ELFBAR 600" and "BC 5000" are about to be launched in large stores and convenience stores in Korea.


In addition, according to reports from Korea's "Financial News", the demand of ELFBAR in Korea is expanding. Sethopia has recently started ramping up initial orders. Some external analysts believe that the domestic market for ELFBAR in South Korea has exceeded the initial expectations of agents.

The representative of Sethopia said, "Our sales target for this year is 2 million pieces of ELFBAR products, and we will push its sales to exceed 5 million pieces in the future."



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