Expansion of SKE in the UK: Parent Company's Response

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Expansion of SKE in the UK: Parent Company's Response
Chinese tech company, Yinghe Technology, expands its e-cigarette business in the UK due to market potential and customer demand.

Investors have queried Yinghe Technology if their e-cigarette brand, Sikary, is experiencing explosive growth in the United Kingdom.


On August 1st, the company responded by stating that in order to seize further opportunities in the European market and expedite the TPD certification process for new e-cigarette products, as well as to promptly address customer pre-sales and after-sales service needs, the board of directors has approved the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary in the United Kingdom by the name of "SKE". Scoler has shown favorable progress in expanding its operations in the UK region.


According to a previous report, based on the announcement by Shenzhen YInghe Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "the company") regarding its subsidiary's investment in establishing a subsidiary in the United Kingdom, SKE will establish a wholly-owned subsidiary in Manchester, England, with a registered capital of 250,000 pounds (317,000 USD), focusing on the UK and European markets.


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