German Customs Explains Raid at Hall of Vape Exhibition

Regulations by Jason Tian; Ellesmere Zhu
German Customs Explains Raid at Hall of Vape Exhibition
2FIRSTS called German customs for updates on the raid at the Hall of Vape Exhibition, the latter emphasizing confiscated e-cigarettes lacking proper documentation.

On May 8, 2FIRSTS London contacted the German customs authorities to inquire about the recent raid at the Hall of Vape Exhibition. The German customs told 2FIRSTS that the confiscated e-cigarettes are expected to be tallied by the end of the day, with more information on the number of products seized becoming available tomorrow, May 9. The main focus of these inspections is to ensure that e-cigarette products containing vape juice have proper tax stamps affixed and customs declaration documentation.


All e-cigarettes with vape juice sold in Germany must have tax stamps attached to the products. However, exceptions can be made for items merely passing through Germany or for samples given to customers at exhibitions, provided that they have been declared to customs authorities. In this situation, electronic or paper proof is needed to represent a successful declaration.


If a product is found to lack both a tax stamp and proper customs declaration, it is subject to confiscation by the German customs authorities.


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