German Senate Urged to Ban Disposable E-cigarettes

The German Senate plans to ban disposable e-cigarettes across Germany, and the German Federal Minister for the Environment, Steffi Lemke, said he would support the resolution.
German Senate Urged to Ban Disposable E-cigarettes


Recently, the German Senate has formulated a plan to ban disposable e-cigarettes across Germany, and the Senate is now urging the federal government to consider implementing the ban. The German federal environment minister Steffi Lemke said he would support the resolution.


Environmental Pollution Problems To Be Solved Urgently


At present, Germany sells more than 5 million disposable e-cigarettes per month. According to the German Electronic Cigarette Trade Association ( VdeH ), the sales revenue of e-cigarettes in the Federal Republic in 2022 exceeded 300 million euros. In addition, E-cigarettes are often sold in supermarkets and convenience stores ( Spätis ) for between 7 and 10 euros.


Due to the use of disposable e-cigarettes, e-waste, plastic waste, and old batteries will cause environmental pollution problems. Environmentalists blamed the disposable e-cigarettes and condemned the massive destruction of resources. The smoke oil inside the equipment is actually heated by electricity. However, lithium-ion batteries are highly flammable, which hinders their recycling.


According to 2Firsts, the German Federal Minister for the Environment, Steffy Lemke, is a member of the Green Party ( GRÜNE ). The Green Party is an environmental protectionist party and the world's first green political organization. It advocates green politics, opposes military expansion, supports peace and anti-nuclear energy, and a return to a natural way of life.



According to 2Firsts previous reports, Linda Heitmann, a member of the German Green Party, proposed to limit the supply of alcohol and cigarettes, believing that both are ' by far the most dangerous drugs '; Gillian Mackay, a member of the Scottish Green Party, wants retailers to treat e-cigarettes in the way of cigarettes and hide them.


In January 2023, Germany's Bavarian state government called for an EU-wide ban on e-cigarettes and asked the federal government to launch a campaign at the EU level to ban the sale of single-use e-cigarette products. In addition, Bavaria wants to reduce the market growth of disposable electronic cigarette products through government advocacy, thereby reducing the environmental pollution caused by related products.


Teenagers Began to Smoke Frequently


The number of e-cigarette users among minors aged 14 to 17 in Germany has increased significantly in the past year. In a recent representative survey, 15.9 % of German teenagers admitted they smoked.


The nicotine content in e-cigarettes may be higher than that in traditional cigarettes. Head of Suchtprävention Berlin, Christina Schadt, told Stern "Young people who have not yet smoked learn about smoking through these products. Sweet taste and electronic cigarettes that do not scratch their throats give them a false impression that they are consuming harmless things."



Disposable e-cigarettes could soon be banned in Germany


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