IBVTA Responds to Non-Compliant Vape Report

Regulations by Vincent Yi, Ellesmere Zhu
IBVTA Responds to Non-Compliant Vape Report
IBVTA addresses concerns over non-compliant e-cigarettes, urging Chinese manufacturers to ensure product compliance and help tackle illicit sales in the UK.

The Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA) recently commented on the Guardian report revealing that 70% of 50 e-cigarette brands tested had issues with overfilling, and some claiming to have 0% nicotine contained 2%.


In an interview with 2FIRSTS, IBVTA expressed little surprise, acknowledging that illegal products have long plagued the UK market. The association has been collaborating with authorities to address the issue and protect the country's legitimate vape industry.


The IBVTA believes that the test results could negatively impact consumer and retailer confidence in the sector. Illegal sales often fail to verify the buyer's age, which can lead to increased youth uptake of vape products. With the government's actions to curb illicit sales lagging behind market changes, the IBVTA urges Chinese manufacturers and suppliers to take action against overfilled and incorrectly labeled products, which often appeal to underage customers.


The UK government has allocated £3 million to fund a new illegal vapes enforcement squad, led by Trading Standards officers. The IBVTA anticipates increased enforcement against law-breaking businesses and higher volumes of illegal product seizures at the UK border. The government has also announced a call for evidence to address youth vaping, to which the IBVTA plans to respond.


The IBVTA appreciates the cooperation of Chinese manufacturers, emphasizing that non-compliant imports threaten the legitimate sector. Recent media stories calling for stricter regulations on vape products reflect this concern. The association encourages manufacturers and brand owners to ensure their products comply with UK market standards and tackle illegal imports, which will create opportunities for success in the market.

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