JUUL Pays Chicago City $23.8M for Underage Vaping Settlement

Chicago claims that JUUL was engaged in harmful e-cigarette business by marketing and selling vaping to underage.
JUUL Pays Chicago City $23.8M for Underage Vaping Settlement


On March 10, JUUL agreed to pay $23.8 million to settle a lawsuit that alleged the products to underage.


The settlement is the latest payout of JUUL, which laid off hundreds of workers and settled thousands of lawsuits brought by families of JUUL users, school districts, and city government last year. According to the City of Chicago News, JUUL appealed to the youth with its colorful, playful media and social media marketing and used high nicotine content to fuel ongoing use. As a result, over a quarter of US 10th and 12th graders were using JUUL nationally, and youth vaping had doubled in Chicago.


JUUL has agreed to pay $2.8 million within 30 days and $21M this year. According to the city press release, the Chicago Department of Public Health will use the money for youth prevention, reduction programs, education, and outreach.



The Press Release

Juul to Pay Chicago $23.8M for Underage Vaping Settlement


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