New Bill Would Reduce Burden on Industrial Hemp Farmers

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A bipartisan team of U.S. senators presented a bill in the country’s Senate to reduce the burden on industrial hemp farmers.
New Bill Would Reduce Burden on Industrial Hemp Farmers


Edited by Mandy - U.S. Senators Jon Tester (Democratic) and Mike Braun (Republican) introduced bipartisan legislation dubbed the Industrial Hemp Act that would exempt farmers who exclusively cultivate industrial hemp from the arduous background checks and expensive sampling and testing requirements. According to The Dales Report, these protocols would remain for farmers growing cannabinoid hemp.


“Montana farmers don’t need government bureaucrats putting unnecessary burdens on their operations,” stated Senator Tester. “It’s time we cut red tape and make it easier for industrial hemp farmers to get their product to market. My bipartisan bill builds on Montana’s leadership on hemp policy and creates good-paying jobs for folks across rural America.”


Recently, The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) rules require that all hemp crops be compliant and subject to a test. In contrast, end-use products from industrial hemp have always been exempt from the Controlled Substances Act.


The new legislation would still require industrial hemp farmers to meet compliance standards but would not require background checks and testing protocols if their crops comply.


Producers who go against these regulations would be banned from participating in the hemp program for five years.


“It’s important that we set American farmers up for success by cutting burdensome regulations and red tape,” Senator Braun, stated. “This legislation will expand opportunities for industrial hemp producers in Indiana and across the country and allow them to tap into one of the fastest growing agricultural markets.”


Walter Schweitzer, president of the Montana Farmers Union, commented, “It’s just common sense that farmers should be able to grow hemp for grain and fiber without having to wade through a bunch of regulatory red tape. This is a good step in that direction, and I thank Senators Tester and Braun for their leadership on this issue.”



New Bill Would Reduce Burden on Industrial Hemp Farmers

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