Next Steps for Harm Reduction Products: Industry Forum in Germany

Industry Insight by Ashe Wong
Next Steps for Harm Reduction Products: Industry Forum in Germany
Smoore and OS Vape collaborated to bring a new disposable product to the German market, featuring enhanced flavor and 800+ puffs.

On the afternoon of September 15th, local time in Germany, Zhu Hongxu, the Chief Editor of 2FIRSTS International, hosted an industry forum at the Dortmund Tobacco Expo with the theme "The Next Step for Harm Reduction Products". Experts in attendance engaged in a lively discussion on the topic.


Dr. Pei (back), Senior Aerosol Engineer at Smoore's Testing Center, shares his views on harm-reducing products online | 2firsts


The industry forum was attended by experts from leading tobacco company PMI Germany, including Dr. Alexander K. Nussbaum, Dr. Ian Fearon, Chief Scientific Officer at McKinney Compliance and Public Health Consultancy, Aron Byrne Carter, Managing Director of NGP Trends Consultancy, and Dr. Pei, Senior Aerosol Engineer at Smoore Testing Center.


Dr. Pei stated on a forum that harm reduction is not just a buzzword, but rather a sign of transformation in the field of public health, closely linked to the well-being of millions of smokers worldwide. While nicotine itself has addictive properties, it is the combustion process of tobacco that poses significant health risks. Understanding this, Smoore has concentrated its efforts on developing technologies to enhance vaporizing efficiency and mitigate the harmful substances caused by tobacco combustion.


Smoore's brand FEELM has partnered with local German client OS Vape, introducing a disposable product that offers German consumers a "greater number of puffs and better taste," allowing them to enjoy a satisfying and high-quality vaping experience. This product was also showcased at the Dortmund Tobacco Exhibition.


FEELM, a brand owned by Smoore, cooperated with OS Vape, a local client, to display new products at InterTabac | 2firsts


This is the first time that the German market has seen the appearance of 800+ disposable products, and various parties in the market have been closely watching the technological solutions behind them. At the Dortmund exhibition, many spectators finally received a verification report on the FEELM Max 800+ technology: a quantification test report issued by the third-party research institution Inter Scientific. The report shows that the FEELM Max solution achieves an actual suction count of 880-920 puffs.


Dr. Pei emphasizes that the core of THR lies in relentless innovation and a deep commitment to scientific research. In the ever-evolving field of e-cigarettes, Smoore has witnessed the transformative power of technological advancements. This includes not only more efficient vapor delivery systems, but also a continuous pursuit of perfection, driven by contemporary scientific discoveries and valuable consumer feedback, in order to constantly improve these systems.


In addition to improving the number of puffs, the FEELM Max solution performs exceptionally well in terms of taste, with a smooth and consistent flavor. The overall product experience is enhanced by the absence of any decline in performance throughout the entire inhalation process. Consequently, OS Vape products have quickly gained consumer recognition, and are currently available in various channels such as hookah shops, franchise supermarkets, and convenience stores in Germany. The company also plans to expand its presence in other European markets, including Spain.


Dr. Pei also provided an answer on how to transform scientific research into improved products, stating that the foundation of industrial evolution lies in continuous technological innovation. This commitment to growth is not just an abstract concept for Smoore; it is backed by tangible investment. For example, last year, Smoore invested 1.372 billion yuan in research and development, continuously increasing its investment to enhance its R&D capabilities. Currently, the group has multiple operational basic research institutes around the world and employs a significant number of globally renowned scientists, with research and development personnel accounting for over 40% of its workforce.


German local consumers consulting new products at FEELM booth | 2firsts


In addition, several European brands including AROMA KING, VOZOL, HEXA Go, and others, are also integrating FEELM Max technology. These multiple brands, in collaboration with FEELM, are setting a new standard for the TPD market.


AROMA KING, the leading e-cigarette brand in the Polish market, has a widespread sales network covering most European countries. At the Dortmund exhibition, AROMA KING showcased their new Cosmic Max series, which is equipped with the advanced FEELM Max solution. Furthermore, they have plans to launch another product, Cosmic Box, in a box-shaped design, also featuring the FEELM Max technology.


FEELM Max has successfully entered the markets of the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, and Austria through collaborations with European clients. In the future, the company plans to expand its presence to more countries. FEELM aims to introduce its new standard of 800 puffs+ disposable products to a wider European market.


Dr. Pei stated, "We are continuously increasing our investment in research and development, and conveying the vision of making life better through atomization to the public. Through innovation and research, we are constantly improving the user experience for consumers. At the same time, we have confidence and high expectations for the future of harm-reducing products."


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