Oklahoma Passes Bill to Crack Down on School Vaping

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Oklahoma Passes Bill to Crack Down on School Vaping
Oklahoma lawmakers pass a bill to crack down on students using e-cigarettes, allowing searches for devices and creating stricter regulations.

May 23rd, according to Fox23, legislators in the state of Oklahoma have taken action to address the use of electronic cigarettes by students in schools. The state has passed a bill (HB 1634) making it more difficult for students to use e-cigarettes in hiding. Legislators stated that they hope to assist schools in dealing with the increasing use of e-cigarettes.


Oklahoma state representative Clay Staires recently introduced a bill that would allow school staff to search students if they suspect the use of electronic cigarettes. "This is a very dangerous situation. I have heard from the school supervisor that it is affecting young children such as elementary and middle school students."


Stearns stated that currently, all schools in the area do not have enough School Resource Officers (SROs). Some schools may only have one, and it could take 30 to 40 minutes for them to arrive at the school for a search.


Starting in November of this year, students will face inspections of their shoes, gloves, and headwear in order to detect illegal drugs, alcohol, and electronic smoking devices, in accordance with the Steele Act. Current laws require only the removal of outer clothing for inspections, of which school administrators have expressed concern.


Staerz stated that the bill will close all loopholes and keep electronic cigarettes away from schools. The bill also allows for an employee in each region to turn over confiscated items to the local law enforcement department.


School Resource Officers (SROs) in the United States refer to law enforcement officials who are stationed in schools. They are typically members of the local police department and work with the schools to provide safety and security support for students, faculty, and the school environment.




Oklahoma legislators tighten restrictions on electronic cigarette use in schools.


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