Public Support for Stronger Actions towards Smoke-free Wales.

Public Support for Stronger Actions towards Smoke-free Wales.
A survey shows support for tougher action on smoking in Wales, including bans in outdoor dining areas and on beaches.

Smoking and Health Action ASH Cymru has revealed in a recent survey that the public is strongly in favor of stricter measures to achieve a smoke-free Wales. While the organization regrets the misconceptions about the relative safety of e-cigarettes, it has been unable to promote their wider use. Studies have shown that e-cigarettes are the most popular and successful method of quitting smoking in the UK.

New data released today reveals that a majority of Welsh adults support the plan for Wales to become smoke-free. Just a few weeks ago, the Welsh government announced its plan to reduce the number of adult smokers in Wales to 5% or less by 2030," said ASH Wales, upon submitting its annual YouGov survey.

Support for regulatory outcome:

A staggering 83% of individuals support the requirement for companies to possess a valid tobacco sales license, which can be revoked if they repeatedly sell to underage smokers. Only 4% of people are opposed to this measure.

A recent survey found that 63% of adults in Wales believe that the punishment for selling illegal tobacco should be increased to deter sales. Furthermore, the majority of adults (73%) support a ban on advertising smoking materials and accessories, such as rolling paper brands.

Seventy-one percent of people believe that all government health policies should be influenced by the tobacco industry and its representatives.

A large majority of respondents (84%) support the ban of plastic cigarette filters in order to protect the environment.

A vast majority of adults, 89%, supports a ban on smoking in children's playgrounds, including 76% of smokers. Similarly, 80% of people are in favor of banning smoking in outdoor areas where children engage in physical activity, with 59% strongly supporting the measure. These findings suggest a strong belief in protecting children from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.

64% of people support a ban on smoking in all cars.

A majority of 62% of people support a ban on smoking in outdoor dining areas of all restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Fifty-nine percent of people support a ban on smoking in parks.

59% of people support a smoking ban on college campuses.

58% of people support banning smoking on beaches.

54% of people support a ban on smoking in the city center.

Suzanne Cass, CEO of ASH Cymru, stated that the Welsh government recently released a bold tobacco control strategy aimed at significantly reducing smoking-related deaths and disabilities in Wales.

Today's survey has revealed that the majority of people strongly support the many actions outlined in the government's new strategy. However, the survey emphasizes which actions are most important for our society.

Wales strongly supports actions to protect children, the environment, and improve smoking education. Given the overwhelming public support, I urge the Welsh government to address these areas with renewed vigor.

The press release from ASH Cymru did not mention e-cigarettes, and the situation did not show significant improvement in the investigative report.

Information on electronic cigarettes is limited to the following survey results: 8% of those surveyed reported using e-cigarettes, 84% of e-cigarette users use e-liquids containing nicotine, ASH Cymru expressed concern, and 32% of smokers believe that e-cigarettes are worse than smoking.

ASH Cymru, an anti-smoking advocacy group, did not include promotion of e-cigarettes in their smoking cessation and prevention recommendations to the Welsh government.

Electronic cigarettes are now included as a recommended component of smoking cessation services in the UK. It is time for ASH Cymru to catch up and provide the same health advice to smokers in Wales.


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