RELX Philippines to Launch Disposable Brand WAKA in 2024

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RELX Philippines to Launch Disposable Brand WAKA in 2024
RELX Philippines plans to launch disposable e-cigarette brand WAKA in 2024, priced at around 550 Philippine pesos.

According to bworldonline, on September 12, RELX Philippines is reportedly planning to launch a disposable e-cigarette brand called WAKA in 2024, aiming to expand its market presence. The product is priced at approximately 550 Philippine pesos (around 64 Chinese yuan) and can be used by consumers for up to 10,000 puffs.


Patrick C. Drilon, the Head of International External Affairs at RELX Philippines, announced during a product launch event,"We have noticed the presence of an e-cigarette product, and as a result, we are making adjustments to our own product. We are currently attempting to launch our own disposable product in the Philippines."


Drilon announced its plans to introduce a new line of e-cigarette products, called Waka, in the Philippines next year, following compliance with the requirements set by the Philippine Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Department of Trade and Industry. This product, which has already been successfully sold in RELX's other markets, is expected to hit the shelves in the near future.


"We are planning to launch a product called WAKA, priced at approximately 550 pesos, and available for use by 10,000 individuals. We anticipate that the disposable e-cigarette will effectively encourage more smokers to transition to using e-cigarettes."


On September 8th, RELX unveiled the second generation of its Infinity series in the Philippines.


When asked whether the company expects the newly launched product line to contribute to its revenue growth, Drilon stated that it would be helpful but emphasized that the plan is designed for its partners.


Drilon expressed his anticipation for a significant increase in company revenues this year.


He said that the flavor ban has been announced to take effect on e-cigarettes, limiting our ability to sell a large quantity of products as we can only offer regular tobacco and menthol flavored e-cigarettes.


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