RELX Vapes Seized by Regulator Possibly due to Incomplete Docs


2FIRSTS has learned from a business insider that "a considerable amount of RELX's exporting vapes is seized by the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration. 


The reason for stopping those products from exporting is the concern of re-importing to China due to incomplete destination documents.


According to the Administrative Measures for E-Cigarettes:


Electronic cigarette import and export link logistics management
Article 22 The transport of exported electronic cigarette products, atomizers, nicotine for electronic cigarettes, should be filed in advance in the trading platform and attached to the transaction contract and other relevant documents. After completing customs declaration and clearance, the export filing enterprise shall promptly upload the relevant documents such as customs declaration and clearance to the trading platform.

Export filing instructions
Licensed enterprises should complete the following information within 30 days after the export customs declaration for the record on the trading platform:
(A) the product name, trademark owner, export destination country or region and related laws and regulations and standard requirements and other information.

RELX seemingly didn't obey the policies above, said the insider.


2FIRSTS will continue to follow up on the issue for first-hand updates. Please stay tuned.

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