Research on Tobacco Development in Guangdong: Achievements and Future

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Research on Tobacco Development in Guangdong: Achievements and Future
Zhang Jianmin, the Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, visited Guangdong for research.

From August 1st to 2nd, Zhang Jianmin, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, as well as General Manager of China Tobacco Corporation, conducted a research visit to Guangdong Tobacco.


During the meeting, Huang Kunming, member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and Secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Committee, along with Wang Weizhong, Deputy Secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Committee and Governor of Guangdong Province, met with Zhang Jianmin, Chen Jianwen, and Zhang Hu, all of whom hold important positions in the Guangdong Provincial Committee. Additionally, Wang Xi, another member of the Guangdong Provincial Committee, also participated in the meeting. The two parties exchanged views on the reform and development of the tobacco industry in Guangdong.


During the investigation, Zhang Jianmin visited the technical center of Guangdong Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd. and the logistics distribution center of Dongguan Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (Company). He also visited some cigarette retail customers in Guangzhou and listened to work reports from Guangdong tobacco and business enterprises.


Zhang Jianmin fully affirmed the achievements of Guangdong Tobacco in recent years. He pointed out that Guangdong Tobacco firmly grasps the strategic direction of "three new and one high," takes proactive actions, tackles difficulties, and achieves steady progress and improved quality in various aspects of work, resulting in significant achievements. The outstanding performance lies in the full play of the leading role of Party construction, steady progress in economic operation, good momentum in brand development, remarkable effectiveness in market regulation, and continuous improvement in the ability to serve tobacco farmers and retail customers.


In regards to the next steps for Guangdong Tobacco, Zhang Jianmin emphasized the need to diligently implement the spirit of the National Tobacco Semi-Annual Work Conference in 2023. It is important to adhere to the general principle of seeking progress while maintaining stability, fully and accurately implement the new development concept, and serve and integrate into the new development pattern. This includes setting annual target tasks, truly exerting "full efforts" to make greater contributions to promoting high-quality development and modernization of the industry. Firstly, efforts should be made to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era through thematic education. Emphasizing the importance of party building leadership, effectively evaluate the results of thematic education, and seamlessly continue to carry out two batches of thematic education, aiming to achieve more significant results in spiritual development, intelligence enhancement, rectifying discipline, and promoting work. Secondly, all-out efforts should be made to promote high-quality development and modernization of the industry. Guided by Xi Jinping's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, resolutely implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, actively integrate into the overall development of the local economy and society, and continue to promote high-quality development, efficient governance, and the cultivation of high-quality talent, accelerating the modernization of the industry. Thirdly, maximum efforts should be made to maintain stable production and operation. Firmly implement the guiding principle of "controlling overall volume, maintaining a slight balance, ensuring reasonable growth, and valuing sustainability." Focus on annual target tasks and key performance indicators, prioritize the maintenance of stable economic operation and a good market state, ensuring that the economy operates within a reasonable range. Fourthly, efforts should be made to promote reform and innovation. Implement the strategies of "big brands, big markets, and big enterprises," continue to promote innovation-driven development strategies, accelerate the digital transformation, solidly advance the construction of a national integrated tobacco production and business management platform, and strive for high-level technological self-reliance. Fifthly, efforts should be made to uphold a sound market order in accordance with the law. Promote the construction of the rule of law in the tobacco industry, continue to crack down on counterfeits and smuggling activities, rigorously enforce regulations on e-cigarette governance, and enhance the effectiveness of supervision and governance throughout the entire chain and process. Lastly, all-out efforts should be made to enhance the strict governance of the Party. Adhere to strict principles, strict measures, and a strict atmosphere, effectively enhance the consciousness and determination to advance the comprehensive strict governance of the Party, comprehensively promote the prevention of corruption, the refusal to be corrupted, and the lack of desire for corruption, and construct a new pattern of integrated promotion and coordinated efforts in party governance.


The heads of the Office of the National Bureau (Department of Foreign Affairs), the Development Planning Department, and the Department of Policy, Regulation, and Institutional Reform participated in the research investigation.


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