Rising Trend of Smoking among Children and Adolescents in Germany

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Rising Trend of Smoking among Children and Adolescents in Germany
Berlin Charité Hospital warns of rising smoking trends among children and adolescents, especially in e-cigarette usage.

According to a report by German media outlet t-online on January 18th, the Charité Hospital in Berlin has issued a warning about the increasing prevalence of smoking among children and teenagers, particularly a significant rise in the use of e-cigarettes.


According to a DEBRA research conducted in 2022, the proportion of 14 to 17-year-old smokers has nearly doubled in the past year, with a quarter of students having tried e-cigarettes. Hospitals state that the colorful appearance and enticing flavors of e-cigarettes make them more appealing to children.


Marina Jensen, head of the preventive team at Chartwell Hospital, has highlighted the increasing allure of e-cigarettes compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes, particularly among children. In response to this trend, the hospital has launched the "Looking Forward" project, aimed at raising awareness of the dangers of smoking among students through lectures and workshops.


The medical director of the German Heart Center, Dr. Volker Falk, has stated that the use of e-cigarettes poses significant risk factors and may lead to cardiovascular diseases, lung damage, and even cancer.


The project, led by Professor Gertraud Stattler, specifically targets fifth-grade students aged ten to eleven. Through three workshops, the project not only explains the health risks of smoking but also aims to enhance children's confidence and problem-solving abilities. Furthermore, the project addresses gender-related factors, with research finding that boys are more likely to smoke to appear cool, improve their social status, and fit in with a group, while girls typically do so to cope with stress or solve problems.


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