Russia Passed the Act Required Licenses for Nicotine Product Manufacturers

Regulations by Russia PNP; Mandy
The act stipulates that state licensing is required to produce, store, and supply cigarettes, tobacco, and nicotine products. From March 1, 2024, the license will become mandatory.
Russia Passed the Act Required Licenses for Nicotine Product Manufacturers


On April 12, according to the Russian media pnp report, the Russian government proposed that the production, storage, and supply of cigarettes, tobacco, and electronic nicotine products require a state license. The bills (No. 310882-8 and No. 310820-8) were adopted by the State Duma in a plenary session on the same day.


The bill introduces national regulations on the production and circulation of tobacco and nicotine-containing products and their raw materials, which covers the regulation of traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. In addition, the act defines the standards for the above products and stipulates that related technical equipment needs to be registered with relevant departments.


The act requires licensing for the manufacture, storage, and supply of all cigarettes, tobacco, and nicotine products. Possession of a license will become mandatory from March 1, 2024. If a tobacco manufacturer fails to obtain a license or the license is suspended or revoked, the production equipment will be sealed.


Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexei Sazanov clarified that he plans to use a monitoring information system based on the "Honest Mark" mark to track the production and distribution of tobacco and nicotine products. Such products may only be sold with documented legality. In addition, a ban on the sale of unpackaged cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and tobacco products is also proposed.


2FIRSTS will interpret this proposal, so stay tuned.



Законопроекты о регулировании рынка табака прошли первое чтение

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