Russia Seizes $632,000 Worth of Unlabeled Imported Vaping Products

Regulations by Leona Zhu; Ellesmere Zhu
Russia Seizes $632,000 Worth of Unlabeled Imported Vaping Products
Russian customs officials in the Nizhny Novgorod region intercepted 74,000 packages of unlabeled imported tobacco products, including e-cigarette liquids and hookah mixtures, valued at around $632,000.

On April 20, 2FIRSTS learned from the Russian Nicotine Alliance that the Nizhny Novgorod region of Russia had seized a batch of imported tobacco products without "honest labels," with an estimated value of 50 million rubles (approximately $632,000).


It is reported that customs officials seized a total of 74,000 individual packages, including e-cigarette liquids, tobacco products, and hookah mixtures.


Criminal proceedings have been initiated by the customs department under Article 171.1 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code (storage and sale of unmarked tobacco products), and the case is under further investigation.


Related regulations: According to the relevant regulations of the Russian government, from March 1, trade activities involving the wholesale import of e-cigarettes require uploading retail information of related products to the honest label system. From April 1, the buffer period for mandatory implementation of honest labeling policies at the wholesale level in Russia ended. From that date, e-cigarette products without labels cannot pass through Russian customs.


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