Shoppers Raid NYC's 1st Licensed Pot Store Empty in 3 Hours


According to the New York Times, the Associated Press and many other U.S. media reported on December 29 local time, the first legal marijuana store in the United States in New York opened that day in lower Manhattan. The store saw an influx of shoppers who snatched shelves empty within 3 hours and had to close due to low inventory.


Shoppers Raid NYC's 1st Licensed Pot Store Empty in 3 Hours

Influx of shoppers | source: New York Times


According to the report, the store, which is located in the East Village of Lower Manhattan, New York, near New York University, is run by an organization called Housing Works. The agency is a nonprofit organization that aims to help the homeless and people living with AIDS.


On the morning of the 29th, the marijuana store held an opening ceremony with the presence of Chris Alexander, executive director of the New York State Office of Marijuana, and New York City Councilwoman Carlina Rivera. With a bunch of cameras rolling, Chris Alexander became the first customer at New York's first legal marijuana retail store, purchasing a box of watermelon-flavored marijuana gummies and a jar of smokable cannabis flower (see picture below). 


Shoppers Raid NYC's 1st Licensed Pot Store Empty in 3 Hours

 Chris Alexander being the first customer | source: New York Times


Last month, the New York State Office of Marijuana Regulation issued the first 36 marijuana retail licenses to operators with prior marijuana convictions and a number of nonprofit organizations that provide services to help drug addicts, Housing Works being one of them.


About 2,000 customers came to the store on the 29th and the stock will be sold out on the 31st, according to the shop manager.

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