Polynesia to Ban on Disposable Vapes

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Polynesia to Ban on Disposable Vapes
The ban on single-use e-cigarettes will be implemented before the end of the year to address addiction among young people.

The ban on single-use e-cigarettes will come into effect on the territory before the end of the year. In Polynesia, like elsewhere in the world, there is a need to act to stem the phenomenon before it is too late.


The Minister of Health, Cédric Mercadal, has looked into the issue and stated that "we will follow all the global regulations that are moving in this direction." Indeed, Germany, Ireland, California, and France have already taken a position on the matter. "In fact, all countries are in the process of banning this product because it creates addiction among young people and we need to stop it as soon as possible," added the minister.


Normally banned for minors, puffs have spread in middle schools and high schools. A scourge for the health of adolescents. The consumption of a regular disposable e-cigarette is equivalent to that of 2 packs of cigarettes. Health professionals are warning consumers:


"There needs to be a distinction made between regular e-cigarettes that have liquids with Afnor standards, CE standards that are safe and can help some smokers wean themselves off and reduce their consumption. This is different from puffs, disposable e-cigarettes, which are made with nicotine salts, unregulated products. There is a pulmonary impact with a decrease in lung capacity in some smokers," says Dr. Romain Bourdoncle, chief physician at the addiction prevention and care center.


The upcoming ban of these products on the territory is therefore a victory for health professionals. On the sellers' side, they "expected this to happen." Contrary to what one might imagine, the news is even quite well received by some. This is the case for Gérôme Renauld: "It may seem paradoxical, but for us, it is good news. It is a product that tends to attract young people, and we do not view that particularly favorably."


A second reason for this merchant's contentment is that the vape market has been disrupted by the arrival of disposable e-cigarettes: "It has attracted people who are not really professionals, rather people who have surfed on the wave and started offering disposable vapes without complying with the legislation that regulates them. This will allow for screening, eliminating the real professionals from the fake ones."


Both health professionals and sellers agree that regulating internally will not be enough. Customs controls will need to be strengthened to prevent this type of product from entering the territory.

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