Growing Interest in CBD Among American Consumers

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Growing Interest in CBD Among American Consumers
According to a recent study published by Nature and Bloom, interest in medical marijuana is rapidly growing among US consumers.

According to a report from elvenezolanonews on October 26th, a recent study published in the American magazines Nature and Bloom reveals a significant surge in interest among American consumers for medical marijuana. The study indicates that consumers are increasingly eager to understand the benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) and explore avenues for its purchase.


The World Health Organization considers CBD to be the primary component of cannabis. This natural compound is devoid of any side effects, psychoactive or addictive properties, and has been found to be beneficial in treating seizure disorders and related conditions.


According to a commentary by the American Daily, this study analyzed the Google Trends search volumes related to "CBD" and "medical marijuana" in 38 states across the United States over the past year.


Research findings indicate that Alabama has the highest level of interest in CBD, followed closely by Mississippi. West Virginia is the third most willing state to utilize CBD, while South Carolina and Vermont tie for fourth place. Kentucky and Tennessee share the fifth spot. Florida ranks within the top fifteen states showing interest in CBD, coming in at thirteenth place with a search score of 94.


Nature and Bloom point out that in the past decade, there has been a dramatic increase in Americans' interest in cannabis. During this period, the search volume for the keyword CBD has grown by 197%, largely due to the numerous benefits users have discovered after using CBD products. As a result, it has gained immense popularity in the pharmaceutical industry and the skincare sector.


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