Underground Trade of Harmful Products on Korean Secondhand Websites

Underground Trade of Harmful Products on Korean Secondhand Websites
Underage sales of harmful items like alcohol and cigarettes are happening secretly on Korean second-hand websites.

Alcohol and other harmful items such as cigarettes are being traded secretly on secondhand websites in South Korea, posing a risk to teenagers.

The news of this incident was reported by Yonhap News TV in South Korea.

Over 100 comments discussing e-cigarettes were found on posts in a black market community. Tobacco and alcohol are illegal, but transactions are conducted using slang or coded language. A young regulatory group monitored the community and found that less than 30% of sellers refused to trade when their age was disclosed.

The seller did not verify the buyer's age as an adult.... When I asked if it was okay to purchase as a minor, the seller said it was fine... My friends and I frequently use many secondhand trading platforms... If you go, you will find not only secondhand trading but also "underage purchasing agents." According to South Korea's current Youth Protection Act, individuals who sell, rent, or distribute harmful products to minors may face up to two years in prison or a fine of up to 20 million won (approximately $14,856 USD). Experts say that it is necessary to take measures at a societal level to prevent young people from accessing dangerous products.


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