Interview with VAPEFAIR Organizer: Huge Demand in Indonesian E-cig Market

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Interview with VAPEFAIR Organizer: Huge Demand in Indonesian E-cig Market
The VAPEFAIR e-cigarette exhibition in Jakarta attracted leading industry companies and showcased the market demand in Indonesia.

The VAPEFAIR e-cigarette exhibition was held in Jakarta, Indonesia from November 11th to 12th. The event attracted leading companies from the e-cigarette industry, such as ELFBAR and HUSKY. During the exhibition, 2FIRSTS conducted an interview with the organizers.


The organizers shared the beginnings of the exhibition with 2FIRSTS. According to the organizers, the idea for the VAPEFAIR exhibition originated from a small but passionate community. Initially, it was just a small-scale e-cigarette gathering, with an estimated participation of only 40 individuals. However, the enthusiasm within this small community ignited a vaping craze. The event quickly reached its maximum capacity as 5,000 people flocked to attend, prompting the organizers to realize the immense market demand for e-cigarette exhibitions in Indonesia. Therefore, VAPEFAIR was created to meet this demand.


The organizers of VAPEFAIR exhibition have stated that the event not only brings together local e-cigarette brands in Indonesia but also attracts numerous international brands. This international exchange has contributed to the diversification and availability of high-quality products in the Indonesian e-cigarette market, providing local enthusiasts with a wider range of choices.


The organizers also stated that the VAPEFAIR exhibition aims to provide exhibitors with an opportunity to interact with customers. Unlike other exhibitions that are limited to either B2B or B2C, they encourage exhibitors to fully leverage this platform. For consumers, the organizers hope that they will try out all the brands showcased at the exhibition in order to support the development of the e-cigarette industry. The exhibition's perseverance and success are indebted to the support of the Indonesian e-cigarette community, and therefore, the organizers call on the Indonesian e-cigarette community to work together and promote the continuous progress of the e-cigarette industry in Indonesia.


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