Vapexpo Madrid: Insights from Vaporesso's Spanish Representative

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Vapexpo Madrid: Insights from Vaporesso's Spanish Representative
June, Vaporesso’s EU manager, discusses the rise of open systems and the popularity of nicotine-free products at VAPEXPO-SPAIN.

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From June 3rd to 4th, the Vapexpo electronic cigarette exhibition was successfully held at the Crystal Exhibition Center in Madrid, Spain. 2FIRSTS, as a media partner, provided on-site coverage of the event.


On the last day of the exhibition, 2FIRSTS interviewed June, the EU Manager of VAPORESSO, an open system brand under manufacturer SMOORE. June revealed that VAPORESSO entered the Spanish market early and has held the top spot for five consecutive years. Currently, their best-selling product series is the XROS series.


June stated that the rise of open-ended products in Spain is closely related to the development of disposable products. "The disposable product market in Spain experienced rapid growth last summer, driven by an increase in English and American tourists and initial education on electronic cigarette products for consumers." June believes that disposable products, as one of the gateway options for consumers, will also stimulate their interest in open-ended products and promote their growth.


June cited VAPORESSO as an example of a company that saw its sales double from the previous year after the disposable products became popular.


June commented on the widely-discussed flavor ban issue in the global e-cigarette market, stating that policy regulation is crucial for the long run of the industry to achieve sustainable growth. June believes that despite the potential impact on disposable, pod-system, and open-system products, the effect on open-system products is relatively small since users can DIY flavor of the e-liquid unaffected by flavor bans.


At the recent trade fair in Spain, 2FIRSTS noticed that nicotine-free products are gaining popularity in the market. When asked about the rise of nicotine-free products in Spain, June stated that many people who first try e-cigarettes may not necessarily do so for the nicotine, but for the social aspect it provides. In addition, some smokers may choose to use nicotine-free products when quitting smoking to ween off dependance. There are also brands that want to quickly get into the market before TPD notifications, and they would introduce the zero-nic vapes to the market first. The advantage of open-system products is that adult smokers can choose their preferred nicotine-free flavors and their preferred nicotine concentration.


2FIRSTS is a media partner to the VAPEXPO SPAIN to work together in promoting the development and communication of the global electronic cigarette industry.


Vapexpo Spain is the largest and most important vaporization industry exhibition in Spain, bringing together vape manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and industry experts from around the world. Meanwhile, 2FIRSTS is a global vaporization technology media and think tank, focusing on market trends and hot topics in the field of vaporization, and committed to promoting global electronic cigarette industry information exchange and development through its media influence.

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