VPZ to Open 15 New Stores, Becoming UK's Largest Vape Retailer

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VPZ to Open 15 New Stores, Becoming UK's Largest Vape Retailer
UK e-cigarette retailer VPZ plans to open 15 new stores by the end of 2023, potentially becoming the country's largest.

Recently, according to insider reports, VPZ, a leading e-cigarette retailer in the UK, plans to open 15 new stores by the end of 2023, including locations in Cardiff, Aberdeen, and Newcastle. If the plans are successfully executed, the total number of VPZ stores will increase to over 160, making it the largest e-cigarette retailer in the UK.


Since its establishment in 2012, this Edinburgh-based company has allegedly assisted over 700,000 smokers in the UK to quit smoking.


Doug Mutter, VPZ's director, stated,"We are planning to open 15 new stores and launch an e-cigarette recycling service."


VPZ has called for the UK and Scottish local governments to strengthen control and regulation over the sale of e-cigarette products in physical stores and online retail platforms.


Mutt welcomed the consultation conference on the ban of disposable e-cigarettes by Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf and outlined his focus for the coming year.


We have urged the Scottish government to take immediate action and emulate best practices from countries like New Zealand, by requiring physical and online retailers to obtain permits, establish strict age verification frameworks, and engage in consultations with adult smokers.


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