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The MAEC states that if the products must be compliant to the importing country. How will this be implemented?

The licensed enterprises are to file for importing countries' information and prove that their products are compliant with their local laws. If the products are not compliant then the enterprise will run into the risk of not being able to renew its e-cigarette production license.

As a buyer do I need to apply for any permits or paperwork?

No, the obligation for obtaining the license is on the manufacturer. However, working with unverified or unlicensed manufacurers will come with risks of unsteady supply or loss of deposits. The factory or entity in question may be shut down for illegal operations without any prior warning. For better transparency we have built a database, you can verify your potential partners for their license at our e-cigarette license database, we provide an up-to-date list of all verified license holders.

Can I ship nicotine for filling to China?

Nicotine has been included in the e-cigarette regulatory policy, and so importing nicotine into China will require prior approval applications.

Does the MAEC restrict foreign investment in Chinese e-cigarette companies?

E-cigarette regulatory policies do not prohibit foreign investment in Chinese e-cigarette companies. However, e-cigarette companies need to disclose this information in a timely manner when applying for or making changes to their business licenses.

Is it possible to increase orders if the quota for production volume set by the enterprise license is used up?

According to 2FIRSTS' understanding, China's e-cigarette regulatory policy encourages exports. If it appears that production is used up, companies can initiate an application to the tobacco monopoly department for further quotas.