Australia's Greens propose legalizing nicotine vapes

Australia's Greens propose legalizing nicotine vapes
Australian Greens propose legalizing and regulating nicotine e-cigarettes to reduce black market demand and mitigate harmful impacts.

Australian Greens MP and spokesperson for the health department, Cate Faehrmann, has proposed legalizing nicotine e-cigarettes for adults in Australia. The proposal aims to reduce young people's access to e-cigarettes through the black market and regulate the harmful effects associated with e-cigarette devices.

The proposal outlines effective strategies for reducing the negative impact of e-cigarette consumption. The Green Party's regulations will include monitoring and reducing nicotine content in e-cigarettes.

The Green Party also proposed a requirement for health warnings to be placed on all electronic cigarette products, similar to the current situation with cigarette packaging. Additionally, they suggested the establishment of a recycling system in order to minimize the waste pollution caused by illegal electronic cigarettes.

The Green Party would hold manufacturers responsible for the disposal of their products and require retailers to operate a system for recycling cigarette waste.


The Greens have put forward a proposal to legalize and regulate vapes containing nicotine.

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