BAT Kenya: Company with Competitive Wages and Benefits

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BAT Kenya: Company with Competitive Wages and Benefits
BAT Kenya, in its October 27 sustainability report, announced a minimum basic wage of KES 57,812 for unionized employees.

According to a report by Businessdailyafrica on October 30th, British American Tobacco (BAT) Kenya announced during its 2022 sustainability report launch on October 27th that the minimum basic wage for its unionized employees is 57,812 Kenyan shillings (approximately 2809 yuan), making it one of the best-paying companies in Kenya.


The company states that it benchmarks itself against global and local first-rate organizations. Its minimum basic wage has a significant advantage compared to that of companies at the same level as mandated by law. The manufacturer also offers vacation allowances and a housing allowance of at least 28,850 Kenyan shillings, whereas other companies offering similar benefits typically only provide 15% of the basic salary.


In comparison, the standard annual leave for most companies is typically set at 21 days; Full paid sick leave is given for 30 days, while the subsequent 15 days of sick leave are paid at half salary, without any provision for substitute work or allowances. For non-union employees, BAT offers an annual total remuneration range of 70% to 120% of market levels.


At the end of the 2022 fiscal year, BAT (name of the company) had a total of 399 full-time employees, of which 44% were women. The company disclosed that female employees in senior positions have higher salaries than their male counterparts, with a gender ratio of 0.89 to 1 in terms of base salary and compensation. On average, the main reason for higher wages among male employees is their longer tenure. In other words, for every 100,000 Kenyan Shillings earned by a male employee, a female employee earns 89,000 Kenyan Shillings. BAT engages in collective bargaining negotiations with its employees every two years to reach a collective agreement.


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