Biden's Inaction on Chinese E-Cigarettes May Impact 2024 Reelection

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Biden's Inaction on Chinese E-Cigarettes May Impact 2024 Reelection
President Biden's inaction on the issue of illegal e-cigarette influx from China may negatively impact his 2024 re-election.

A recent report by The Washington Observer has revealed that the inaction of President Joe Biden's administration regarding the issue of illegal e-cigarette import from China into the United States could have a negative impact on his potential re-election in 2024.


Female swing-state voters express disappointment at Biden's neglect in directly addressing the e-cigarette issue, favoring Trump's administration for its firm stance on banning foreign tobacco.


Currently, the American market has over 9,000 varieties of e-cigarettes, with sales nearly tripling in the past three years. A significant portion of these are disposable e-cigarettes that have illegally found their way from China.


In a recent exclusive poll conducted by "Morning Consult" and provided to "The Washington Observer," a majority of female voters from three crucial swing states expressed dissatisfaction with President Biden's handling of the e-cigarette influx issue. This could potentially put Biden and the incumbent Democratic lawmakers seeking re-election at a disadvantage among key voter groups during the 2024 elections.


A campaign staffer for the Republican Party in the House of Representatives told The Washington Observer, "President Biden's inaction on the issue of China's e-cigarette problem is his political vulnerability. This is causing a direct threat to the lives of young people, and we anticipate that the Republican Party will bring this issue to the forefront in the 2024 elections.


A survey indicates that a majority of female voters in Arizona, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania believe that Biden should take action to ban the illegal entry of Chinese e-cigarettes into the US market. Most respondents felt that the Trump administration did the right thing by prohibiting flavored e-cigarettes from being sold in the United States and urged Biden to "complete this task" by removing disposable e-cigarettes from the market.


According to reports, President Biden is now expected to roll out a ban on menthol cigarettes and other flavored cigars in the coming months. However, some organizations have already started criticizing this ban, arguing that it would only lead to an increase in illegal sales.


The above survey was conducted jointly by "Morning Consult" and the "Intelligent Policy United Community" between October 16th and 30th. A total of 509 female voters in Arizona, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania were surveyed.


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