China's E-Cigarette Exports Ranking

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China's E-Cigarette Exports Ranking
A ranking of countries importing e-cigarettes from China.

Using data released by China Customs, 2FIRSTS compiled the monthly e-cigarette export value from China to each country from January 2022 to the present.


The data shows the top 20 destination countries for China's e-cigarette exports from January 2022 to June 2023. The countries are listed in no particular order as: United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Germany, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, France, Croatia, Kyrgyzstan, Ireland, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Indonesia, Italy, and Kuwait and more.


In these figures, the U.S. has been holding the first place in China's e-cigarette exports and is very much in the lead of second place, the U.K.


And the third place is continuously changing between Germany, South Korea, Russia and Japan.


The specific rankings are shown in the chart below:


China's E-Cigarette Exports Ranking
E-cigarette importing countries | 2FIRSTS (Mincy Jiang)

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