ELFBAR's LOSTMARY nicotine levels exceeded legal limit

ELFBAR's LOSTMARY nicotine levels exceeded legal limit
ELFBAR's LOSTMARY e-cigarette products exceeded UK legal limits for nicotine content by over 50%.

According to reports from the Daily Mail and Mirror, on the evening of March 4th, ELFBAR's product LOSTMARY was found to contain over 50% more nicotine than the legal limit in the UK. This marks the second time this year that ELFBAR has exceeded the allowable nicotine levels in the UK.

According to a report, further testing on five BM600 dual apple-flavoured electronic cigarettes purchased from Sainsbury's supermarket revealed that they contain an average of 3.6ml of e-liquid. Meanwhile, five identical watermelon ice-flavoured e-cigarettes purchased from Asda were found to contain an average of 3.2ml of e-liquid.

According to a test conducted by the Daily Mail, some BM600 products contain nicotine levels exceeding the maximum permissible limit of 80%. The Daily Mail further explains that the reason for the exceeding nicotine levels is due to the e-cigarette liquid containing 3.6ml (the legal limit being 2ml). However, the Daily Mail did not indicate whether the nicotine concentration exceeded the legal standard of 2%.

UK supermarket chains Sainsbury's and Asda have announced that they will be removing the LOST MARY BM600 product from their shelves after receiving test results.

According to reports, electronic cigarette manufacturers are required to register detailed information about their products (such as nicotine content) with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) before they can be sold in the UK. However, the MHRA does not conduct any testing on electronic cigarettes during the product registration process.

The MHRA will only take action upon receiving a product violation alert, such as exceeding regulatory limits on nicotine content.

Professor Andrew Bush, a pediatric specialist from Imperial College London, expressed shock and concern over the findings, stating, "This is absolutely shocking. If the media is needed to expose such significant misconduct, then what is the role of our regulatory systems?" in an interview with The Daily Mail.

Andrew Bush stated, "There is an urgent need for compliance checks to be conducted when manufacturers register e-cigarettes, with further spot checks conducted after e-cigarettes are released to ensure companies are following the law.

Chris Allen, CEO of the Brouton Laboratory conducting the tests, has called for regulatory authorities to swiftly address the issue. He has urged them to take strong actions such as removing the products that exceed the limits, conducting product testing, and disposing of non-compliant products.

The Daily Mail reported that they reached out to ELFBAR for comments on LOST MARY product testing but did not receive a response.

2FIRSTS will continue to monitor the situation and conduct interviews with ELFBAR, MHRA, and other related organizations. Stay tuned for updates.

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Supermarkets have removed a specific type of vape device from their stores following discovery that it contained at least 50% more nicotine than is legal.

Two major supermarkets have removed another vaping product from their shelves due to concerns about its safety.

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