ELUX: A Top UK E-cigarette Brand Expands to Spain.

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ELUX: A Top UK E-cigarette Brand Expands to Spain.
2FIRSTS interviews ELUX, a top e-cigarette brand in the UK, at Vapexpo in Madrid, discussing market developments and policies.

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On June 4th, the Vapexpo electronic cigarette exhibition in Madrid, Spain entered its second day, and staff members of 2FIRSTS London News Center continued their on-site interviews at the exhibition.


2FIRSTS conducted an interview with Rody, the representative of the brand ELUX. ELUX is a top electronic brand in the UK and according to the Financial Times, is the third largest disposable electronic cigarette brand in the UK, after ELFBAR and LOSTMARY.


ELUX: A Top UK E-cigarette Brand Expands to Spain.
Nielsen Data | Financial Times


The Outlook of the Future is Optimistic


Rody expressed an optimistic attitude towards the prospects of the market.


He told 2FIRSTS that their best selling product currently is a disposable vape with LED lights, which has seen significant sales in nightclubs in southern Spain.


Rody informed 2FIRSTS that recent proposed policies in Spain may limit the sale of disposable electronic cigarettes in convenience stores or supermarkets, with sales only being allowed in tobacco stores in the next two to three years. Additionally, retailers will be required to have relevant certifications.


However, Rody believes that the two to three years of time is sufficient for ELUX. They have enough time to consult with clients, obtain product certification, and secure customer support to meet the requirements of the new policy.


He added: "At present, we are not facing significant pressure."


Will E-Cigarette Vending Machines Become the Main Distribution Channel


At 2FIRSTS, it was noticed that many exhibitors at the trade show showcased their own electronic cigarette vending machines. 2FIRSTS subsequently asked Rody for his viewpoint on the impact of these products on the market.


ELUX: A Top UK E-cigarette Brand Expands to Spain.
Vape Vending Machine | 2FIRSTS
ELUX: A Top UK E-cigarette Brand Expands to Spain.
Vape Vending Machine | 2FIRSTS
ELUX: A Top UK E-cigarette Brand Expands to Spain.
Vape Vending Machine | 2FIRSTS


Rody believes that these vending machines are intended to assist vape shops and tobacco in their sales.


E-cigarette shops are not open 24/7, so by placing e-cigarettes in vending machines by the store, customers can conveniently purchase products even when the shop is closed.


In addition, Rody believes that vape vending machines may become the main consumer channel in the future, as he thinks that government control of e-cigarettes may encourage the development of these vending machine channels.


Zero-Nic vs. Nicotine Vape


Regarding the market for zero-nic vapes in Spain, Rody stated that there are no restrictions on these products, allowing them to enter the market smoothly.


During its early market entry, ELUX initially launched zero-nic vapes, but their main focus was on establishing brand presence. This is because nicotine is an addictive substance and there is a significant difference between devices that contain nicotine and those that do not.


Currently, ELUX's sales performance for their zero-nic products is decent. However, starting from the latter half of this year or next year, Rody believes that the outlook for nicotine containing products will be better. "Devices that contain nicotine are very different from those that do not contain nicotine."


According to Rody, various brands are now paying attention to the Spanish market as it is relatively popular. Compared to other European countries, Spain still has a lot of market expansion space, but competition is also quite fierce.




On May 15th, 2FIRSTS and VAPEXPO SPAIN announced a media partnership, with the aim to promote the development and exchange of the global electronic cigarette industry.


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