Expansion of KT&G's lil HYBRID 3.0 sales in South Korea.

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Expansion of KT&G's lil HYBRID 3.0 sales in South Korea.
KT&G expands sales of its lil HYBRID 3.0 heated tobacco product to approximately 26,000 convenience stores in South Korea.

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According to a report from the Korean IT Times, KT&G will expand the distribution of its heat-not-burn product, lil HYBRID 3.0, to approximately 26,000 convenience stores in South Korea starting on August 23rd.


After its release on July 24th, lil HYBRID 3.0 has been available for purchase at official flagship stores and online platforms. KT&G has announced that starting from August 23rd, lil HYBRID 3.0 will also be sold in approximately 26,000 convenience stores across 6 metropolitan cities, including Seoul, Sejong, and Gyeonggi.


Lil HYBRID 3.0 offers three smoking modes for users to choose from. Similar to its predecessor, lil HYBRID 2.0, it allows for seamless switching between the standard mode, the classic mode with a strong impact, and the leisure mode that lasts for just 10 seconds.


In addition, lil HYBRID 3.0 has added a "pause" function that allows users to pause their actions while using the device. Just like its predecessor lil HYBRID 2.0, it also retains the "smart start-up" feature, which automatically preheats upon inserting the battery cartridge, while maintaining convenient cleaning and fast charging capabilities to enhance consumer convenience to the fullest extent.


In addition, the front of the lil HYBRID 3.0 device is equipped with a color LCD screen, providing a clearer and more intuitive view of battery and pod levels, among other information. The overall design incorporates display borders, presenting a unified visual experience.


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