German Dortmund Tobacco and Smoking Accessories Exhibition 2022

German Dortmund Tobacco and Smoking Accessories Exhibition 2022
The Dortmund International Tobacco Products and Smoking Accessories Exhibition is the world's largest tobacco trade show.

The 2019 Dortmund International Tobacco Products and Smoking Accessories Exhibition (referred to as the "Dortmund Tobacco Fair") boasted 40,000 square meters of exhibit space, 13,800 professional attendees and over 600 exhibitors from 59 countries, including top companies such as Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, Imperial Tobacco and Swedish Match. More than 90% of participants reported having a say in their company's purchasing decisions, and all of the companies' products sold out during the event, leading to exceptional amounts of orders. This fair is the largest tobacco products and accessories trade show in the world and has been successfully held for 43 years since its establishment in 1978.

From September 15 to 17, 2022, the three-day German Dortmund Tobacco Exhibition returns, providing exhibitors and professional visitors with one of the largest tobacco trade show platforms in the world.

Dortmund Tobacco Expo Logo in Germany

Despite the inconvenience caused by the pandemic, the Electronic Cigarette Committee of the China Electronic Commerce Association (ECCC) remains committed to providing its member companies with high-quality overseas services.

The Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee (ECCC) is partnering with to send an "ECCC International Exhibition Team" to attend the tobacco exhibition in Dortmund, Germany. The team will provide one-stop exhibition services to Chinese e-cigarette companies interested in participating. The "ECCC International Exhibition Team" is a professional, efficient, and versatile unit that aims to solve the concerns of its member enterprises. Companies will no longer need to send additional personnel overseas, as they can now achieve a "cloud exhibition" domestically.

The head of international business for the "ECCC International Exhibition Group" is Jason, who is a public relations manager for 2FIRSTS. He will lead his team to Germany to explain their exhibition products to event attendees, facilitate negotiations and partnerships for member companies, and showcase a positive image of Chinese electronic cigarette businesses. The goal is to generate a strong presence for Chinese electronic cigarette companies at this exhibition.

With the strong global influence of the ECCC and the comprehensive industry reporting capabilities of, the "ECCC International Exhibition Team" will provide real-time product showcases and explanations for participating companies, fully showcasing their strength and competitiveness. It will also offer video connections and coverage for the Chinese and global atomization industry, displaying the development trends and future prospects of the industry.

The China Electronic Cigarette Chamber of Commerce (ECCC), a highly influential and authoritative organization in the domestic atomization industry, will spare no effort in opening up a window for its member units to keep abreast of the world and the times. It will assist Chinese electronic cigarette companies in making more contributions to earning foreign exchange through exports.

To learn more about exhibition information, please contact Chen Yang from the Electronic Cigarette Committee Secretariat at 15218746134.

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