IECIEVape Show Jakarta 2023: Exploring Southeast Asia's E-cigarette Market

IECIEVape Show Jakarta 2023: Exploring Southeast Asia's E-cigarette Market
IECIEVape Show Jakarta 2023, the e-cigarette exhibition, is set to take place in Jakarta, Indonesia from August 3rd to 5th.

From August 3rd to 5th, the e-cigarette exhibition IECIEVape Show Jakarta 2023 will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia. As the official media partner of this exhibition, 2FIRSTS has dispatched staff to the exhibition site to conduct on-site interviews and report on key exhibitors and buyers, as well as participate in real-time interactive communication.


More than 70 brand owners, distributors, retailers, and logistics companies will participate in this exhibition. Among them are enterprises such as RELX, HQD, ELUX, MOTI, Yuoto, Ald Group, Kanger Tech, and Hosto Logistics.


In addition, the research team from 2FIRSTS will take this opportunity to visit and survey the e-cigarette market in Southeast Asia, with the aim of gaining in-depth understanding of the current status of e-cigarette brands, product flavors, market size, new products, and other key information. 2FIRSTS will actively interact with e-cigarette industry professionals and welcomes those who are interested to contact us and explore the development trends in the e-cigarette market in Southeast Asia together. We look forward to sharing industry insights and collectively driving the development of the e-cigarette industry.


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