Jinjia's Nicozero HNBpod: New HNB Product Exported to Japan

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Jinjia's Nicozero HNBpod: New HNB Product Exported to Japan
Investors are concerned about Junjia Shares' new heated non-combustible products, which have been exported from Indonesia to Japan.

Investors have recently shown interest in Jinjia Corporation (002191.SZ)'s heat-not-burn products. The company has provided clarification on its platform, stating that its heat-not-burn herbal and tobacco pod products, which are produced in Indonesia, have been sold in Japan.


Investors on the online investor platform expressed their queries regarding Jinjia Corporation: "Could you please clarify whether the new tobacco ingredients produced by the Indonesian factory are herbal or derived from tobacco leaves? Additionally, would there be any potential patent issues with Philip Morris International (PMI)? What is the heating method employed for the product? Furthermore, has the shipment of the product commenced?"


On September 22nd, Jinjia Inc. responded on the investor interaction platform that their herbal pellet HNBpod and tobacco pellet HNBpod are both produced in Indonesia. These products have established an independent patent system that is distinct from Philip Morris International's (PMI) thin slice IQOS product. They feature a new type of heated non-combustible cigarette, a new type of heated non-combustible structure, and an electromagnetic heating structure. Additionally, these products have already been sold to Japan.


Subsequently, more investors posed further inquiries: Is HNBpod, exported from Indonesia to Japan, a proprietary brand or an OEM product? Moreover, what is the standard tariff applied to Indonesian exports to Japan?


On September 25th, Jinjia Corporation responded to an investor's query, stating that their self-owned brand for pod products exported to Japan is called "nicozero." This brand was specifically established by Jiaju Electronics for the Japanese market, and the products are produced by Jinjia's new tobacco facility in Batam Island, Indonesia. Batam Island is a free trade zone, allowing for exemptions from import/export tariffs and consumption taxes.


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