JUUL Lawsuit Settlement Nets Millions for Schools

JUUL Lawsuit Settlement Nets Millions for Schools
Florida school board approves multi-million dollar settlement from JUUL lawsuit.

On March 21st, according to a report by Fox 13 News, Hillsborough County School Board members in Florida are expected to approve a settlement agreement with JUUL that will include compensation for the school. The funds, which are projected to reach millions of dollars and will be paid over the course of several years, are expected to be approved on Tuesday.

A settlement of $440 million.

In September 2022, the Attorney General of Connecticut announced that JUUL has agreed to pay nearly $440 million to settle over 30 lawsuits from several states concerning their high-nicotine electronic cigarette products. Following this, over 1300 school districts in the United States are currently learning about the settlement amounts they will receive.

To participate in a lawsuit claim, a school district must fulfill two requirements: the school must agree to divide 25% of the compensation with participating lawyers, and the school must provide information about the impact of e-cigarettes in their region.

A series of lawsuits has accused JUUL of using deceptive marketing strategies that target young people and harm their health with nicotine-infused e-cigarettes. The accusations also include school administrators being burdened with financial, time, and resource costs as a result of dealing with student addiction.

Previously, Frederick Hyde, the mayor of Polk County, stated that when school administrators conducted random searches, the item they found most frequently was electronic cigarettes. "Faced with the well-known screening before entering the building, students threw away the most electronic cigarettes in the trash cans in front of the school.

It has been reported that in early March, another Florida-based public school, Orange County, learned that it would receive $5.4 million from the settlement. A member of the Orange County school board stated that they intend to use this money to buy electronic cigarette detectors to protect students. They also plan to offer counseling to students who use e-cigarettes.

JUUL still faces lawsuits to contend with.

Since 2019, JUUL has been maintaining a low profile. It has abandoned all American advertising and removed its fruit and candy flavored e-cigarettes from store shelves.

The FDA took action in June 2022 by issuing a marketing ban on all JUUL products sold in the United States.

Subsequently, JUUL questioned this ruling in court. Afterwards, the FDA conducted a scientific review of the company's technology once again.

According to exclusive information compiled by 2FIRSTS, JUUL has paid a total of $2.6376 billion (approximately 18.2 billion RMB) in settlement funds and is still facing nine independent lawsuits from other states. Additionally, the company is also facing hundreds of individual lawsuits brought forth by teenagers and others.

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Hillsborough County schools may be awarded millions of dollars as a result of a lawsuit filed against JUUL.

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