Kkot BAT: Flower Planting Movement to Reduce Trash

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Kkot BAT: Flower Planting Movement to Reduce Trash
BAT Rothmans, a tobacco company, has launched a flower planting campaign called "Kkot BAT" to reduce litter and cigarette butts in Seoul alleys.

According to a report by Tobaccoreporter on September 20, BAT Rothmans, a tobacco company in South Korea, has launched a flower planting initiative called "Kkot BAT" with the aim of reducing litter and cigarette butts in alleys.


Kkot" is translated as "flower", while "BAT" is translated as "plot". This movement aims to improve the environment by placing flower pots or flower beds in communities that are plagued by garbage and illegal waste dumping issues.


BAT Rothmans has forged partnerships with numerous non-governmental organizations that have close ties to the local community.


Our Kkot BAT campaign is a meaningful initiative, as the company is committed to environmental solutions in collaboration with the local community," said Kim Eun-ji, BAT Rothmans' regional manager in South Korea. "We will continue to make a positive impact on the community through efforts in environmental, social, and corporate governance."


In June of this year, BAT Rothmans signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Seoul branch of the National Natural Heritage Commission of Korea, and has since established its first garden near the BAT Rothmans headquarters in Seoul's Central District.


After the first event, BAT Rothmans plans to establish approximately 20 gardens in various locations in Seoul and aims to expand its influence to the Gwanyang-gu, Daebang-gu, and Noryangjin-gu districts by the end of the year.


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