KT&G Expands Sales of "lil HYBRID 3.0" Nationwide

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KT&G Expands Sales of "lil HYBRID 3.0" Nationwide
KT&G expands sales of their latest heated tobacco product, "lil HYBRID 3.0," to all convenience stores nationwide.

According to a report from Newsinside on the 11th, KT&G has decided to expand the distribution of their latest heated tobacco product, "lil HYBRID 3.0," to every convenience store nationwide. This expansion of sales points will allow more consumers to purchase it at all 52,000 convenience stores across the country.


The "lil HYBRID 3.0" is an upgraded version of the "lil HYBRID 2.0" with added features such as clean and convenient operation, fast charging, and an intelligent "smart start" function that automatically preheats when inserting a pod. In addition, it offers three smoking modes and a "pause" function, giving consumers more options to choose from.


The current suggested retail price is 88,000 Korean won. Consumers have the option to choose between two colors, "yellow" and "deep red," at convenience stores.


On the same day, KT&G also launched the new specialized pod "MIIX BLUSOME" for their "Lil Hybrid 3.0" brand. Lin Wangdao, the head of KT&G's NGP division, expressed that the company will continue to strengthen its product development capability through continuous innovation.


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