KT&G New Kanchin Factory Donates 20 Million Korean Won for Residence Improvement

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KT&G New Kanchin Factory Donates 20 Million Korean Won for Residence Improvement
KT&G's new factory in South Korea has donated 20 million Korean won to support the "Improving Residential Environment" project for disabled individuals.

According to South Korean media reports, KT&G's new Changwon factory has donated 20 million Korean won (approximately 110,000 yuan) to the Daedeok Disabled Welfare Center to support the "residential environment improvement" project. This donation will be used to improve the living conditions of disabled individuals and help them become more independent and maintain their daily lives.


KT&G's Shinchon factory has consistently committed to promoting the sustainable development of both the company and society. The factory actively participates in social welfare activities, with the hope of generating positive change in the community. Concurrently, KT&G harnesses its core competencies and utilizes internal platforms to plan and implement various social welfare projects.


The factory's director, Zheng Jinghao, expressed, "We support ensuring the rights to a safe and dignified life for disabled individuals facing difficulties." He further stated, "As a company that shares a bond with the community, we will continue to actively engage in social welfare activities.


The donation funds were provided by the "Hope Fund" established by KT&G. Founded in 2011, this fund is an innovative social welfare foundation. It adopts a unique approach where the company matches the monthly voluntary contributions made by its employees. The fund is primarily utilized to support vulnerable groups both domestically and internationally, as well as to address urgent social issues.


Director Xi Yongyuan of the Greater Dehe Region Disabled Welfare Center stated, "We are committed to improving residential facilities and environments for disabled individuals to meet their needs. Furthermore, we aim to provide personalized welfare services through ongoing community engagement.


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