KT&G's Stock Surges Nearly 2% on Strong US Dollar

KT&G's Stock Surges Nearly 2% on Strong US Dollar
KT&G rises nearly 2% due to a stronger dollar, with Kiwoom Securities upgrading their target price.

KT&G saw a nearly 2% surge, seeming to be influenced by the strong performance of the US dollar.

KT&G's Stock Surges Nearly 2% on Strong US Dollar
As of the afternoon of the 20th, the trading price of KT&G is 85,900 Korean won, up 1.90% (1,600 Korean won) from the previous day. Image source: KT&G.

As of the afternoon of the 20th, the trading price of KT&G stood at 85,900 Korean won, reflecting a 1.90% (1,600 Korean won) increase compared to the previous day. KT&G had also experienced a 0.71% rise the day before.

KT&G's Stock Surges Nearly 2% on Strong US Dollar

Kiwoom Securities has named KT&G as a "beneficiary of a stronger dollar" and maintained a "buy" rating, while also raising its target price from 103,000 Korean won to 110,000 Korean won.

A securities analyst at Kiwoom stated, "KT&G is expected to exceed market expectations with a third-quarter operating profit of 418 billion Korean won." This is attributed to increased domestic tobacco sales, recovering demand, and higher prices leading to increased earnings for the company.

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